Monday, May 4, 2009

In honor of heading back soon

So- I have tried to write here while being in London but have had a really tough time of it (obvious from the complete lack of entries since the first week of being here). So here it is May and I have very little blog to show for myself... I have a number of drafts that will most likely never be posted... and honestly you probably wouldn't want to read them anyway. It rains a lot here and that always makes me a little Eeyore about things :(
BUT in honor of getting my brain in gear to make the continent leap once again I thought i would put out some very self serving thoughts (in the next 5 minutes because it is bed time).
Today I was thinking about the things that I would like to be today. you know how you are forced to think about what you want to be as a kid and it can wildly range from day to day? Welllll... I am that way still. Some days I have even considered that I would like to be an inanimate object like a statue or a egg cup or something nice like that.
Well, today here are things I wanted to be... much to the help of a trip to Borders while being kicked out of our flat while Ian did a phone interview. (ps-it went well we think.)
Today I wanted to be a gardener or farmer and grow berries. I wanted to be a boater or a sailor.. more someone who takes people on boats like the tour guide we had in Little Venice here in London. I wanted to be a basket weaver, because that seems mesmerizing and an age old craft... and along the same lines i wanted to be a potter. Lastly i wanted to be a fiber artist thanks to a beautiful book I found on the art of embroidery.
When I think about the reality of myself doing any of these I feel that the ones I would be most apt to adapt are probably weaving and embroidering. My dreams of pottery have been dashed time and time again sadly... I don't imagine i will take up the boating life any time soon although it sounds nice... I'm just not sure I would know what to do with it... and I don't seem to have the natural knack for gardening and I hate having soil under my nails.
So there you have it. My triumphant return to blogging by telling you want I wanted to be today.
Jut for the sake of knowing... when asked as a child what i wanted to be when i grew up and being asked to draw it in my elementary school journal I wanted to be either an artist or an archeologist. Not sure what that says about me, but there you have it :)
What did you want to be?