Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shame, shame

It has been a very long break of not posting again. Once again I have zero truly good excuses... BUT we have gone through some large life changes as of late including a move and new career directions. YIKES!
But luckily, the making and sketching is coming back into full swing, so I thought I would post a couple things from the ol' sketch book and visual files.
First, we hung out at this great little coffee shop right on the water last week, and I seriously considered nicking one of the menus because of the charming Italian vintage graphics that they used. So instead the handy camera on my phone did some work-
I've been really hit hard emotionally by some of the volunteer work I've just started doing and some of that found its' way onto my sketch book pages. I think this is going to be turned into some sort of three dimensional cut out... but here is the sketch of the vicious cycle I have been thinking about. Again.. sorry about the camera phone pics.. I'll try to get something better for next time.
I've been trying to be a busy little bee getting some prep work done for the weekday outings. i feel like I have been taking a step back in time to my Jr.High life with all the beads I have been sorting.
Our new home has a lot of creativity due to necessity surrounding it, and also some just because. Check out the painting on the meter top. Now I can't help but see an elephant head when checking the meter even when one isn't actually painted.
Also, one more thing before i forget... if you aren't already religiously watching TED videos... get on it. If you are in need for a creative boost, be sure to watch this talk by author Elizabeth Gilbert. Fantastic.