Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Love me some library

This is today's find on the interwebz.
Affiche  pour la Pâte dentifric... Digital ID: 118537. New York Public Library

Isn't it gorgeous!?

Ian and I have just moved into our new apartment, and while it is generally delightful, it has a few ugly quirks. One of those quirks is the sink in the hallway.
That may sound funny to any friends from the US of A who may still pop by here once in a while, but there you have it. We have a sink in the hallway. It is set in a little alcove of mauvey-pink tile and is generally odd and a little ugly.
So, I have been hoping to spruce the alcove up with a row or two of bunting featuring drawings inspired by dental illustrations. One of my favorite new places to browse images is the New York Public Library's Digital Gallery because it rocks my socks off and the featured collections are sweet.
As I was searching for my inspiration photos or diagrams I stumbled upon this vintage french poster when searching under "dental hygiene". Needless to say.... AWESOME. Nothing like a turn of the century French toothpaste advert to really make my day!
If you haven't been to the NYPL Digital Galleries you simply must go and check it out! I love my Library of Congress too, but NYPL's site setup seems a bit more intuitive to me and my web searches have seemed a touch smarter. Love me some library.