Friday, June 20, 2008

Art geekable podcasts

Who knew the NGA did podcasts!? Not I! But now I know and now you know.
Just listened in yesterday to a couple of their Art Talks and Back Stories..... muy bueno. I'm a fan.
The National Gallery of Art really has a special place in my heart because I love it even when I don't think I am going to.... and even when it isn't stuff I am actually into I always learn things that comes in handy later. It is kind of strange that I think of Art History tidbits to be helpful.
Anyway... I'm pretty darn jazzed about it. check it out here at their website. The one about Fontainebleau is great. I also found the Amature Photography and the Decisive Moment one was really great. It did make me a little antsy that i didn't get to go to the exhibit, but still some really great thoughts about snapshots past and present.. and even a touch of future. I would just like to take a moment to pat myself on the back, because the curator gave a shout out to cell phone photos as the snapshot of today. THANK YOU. I'm just a little bit proud about being on a little bit of the same page as a curator at the National Gallery. So neat. You can be sure that will be added to my podcast list (and just FYI you don't need iTunes for podcasts as has been the excuse of some of you out there... i know most of us are aware of that... but in case you weren't... there you have it).
ALTHOUGH Lisa did introduce me to iTunes U on the itunes store main page and it is rocking my world! I can get Fine Arts lectures from some really great Universities for free. Where have I been? It's like with the google book search... what has taken me so long to find these things? Anyway- this is a way I can keep my brain alive and moving. Some great lectures not to mention a broad range of subjects.
I know podcasts are soooooo last year, but i guess i didn't realize just how helpful getting a podcast could be. Something in my brain was saying "why on earth would I want to listen to some random person's thoughts daily?" Really I should have just realized that I can listen to interesting things whenever I want via this method from all sorts of places. Wow. So happy with technology.
Just wanted to throw that out there. I don't remember where I was listening to a sung mass at, but you can find sung masses out there too... nothing like listening to a cathedral choir while squaring up your spreadsheets :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

the great crafted mustache

you can't stop the mustache... nobody can stop the mustache..

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The post-modern polaroid

Ian was a champ and made me use my microSD card reader... which I had never done before and which worked quite well :)
SOOOO... I dropped some of the weird pictures I take with my cell phone and I figure why not share them? Sadly when my phone first died it took some of those gems with it.. but I am beginning a new collection. ;)
While uploading these i really felt impressed that cell phone pictures are very much the "polaroid" of this generation. There isn't a whole lot of control on the camera or anything, but we get a very raw image that we can have NOW. However we can copy and reproduce these... still... it resonated for me in some strange way. I remember finding polaroids of people I had never met in albums at home and even in books in thrift stores and feeling fascinated by them. Anyway... without any retouching or further ado... my cell phone photos for this month :)


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Doing stuff... making things... watching and listening

I thought it may be time to share some of the links that have been really making my life happy. A little music... a little art... a little bit of whatever.

I'm really enjoying Belle and Sebastian right now.
ThreadBanger... in case you haven't checked them out... you are totally missing out. Totally.'s blog has been keeping me thinking about making and smiling as I do so.
If you aren't member of Hulu you should be. Go watch the season finale of House.
Not to mention that there is some quality film out right now that is not being viewed enough! My latest discoveries have been Young @ Heart, which I am crazy about! Talk about an inspiring family friendly film event. Oh my goodness!
Also- on DVD Lars and the Real Girl may seem a bit sketchy from some of the synopsis... but do not be fooled! This is a beautiful film that is well worth the watch! I have also been joined in opinion by not just friends... but their parent's... so if you really are worried think of them and add it to your queue NOW!
For those of you looking for something a little off the beaten path (mind you I found this thanks to Craftzine's blog) Yeondoo Jung's beautiful photography is really doing it for me. Especially her Wonderland series where she makes compositions based off of children's drawings... i love this idea!!!
If you are not shopping on for almost every holiday and gifting situation... you are missing a great wealth of handmade goods that will rock your world! This decal for the toilet by Etsy seller vital just tickles me! Even if you aren't buying every time you visit... prepare to be inspired!
OH! Google book search. I re-discovered this again the other day and thought "how have I been living without this so long!?" Really great resource for a bunch of different subjects... and full view books (not to mention printable) for numerous classics that are in the public domain. LOVE IT. This will greatly cut down on the amount of books that will be hiding in my suitcase in the future. Not to mention that if I am ever lucky enough to get one of those cool digital readers... i will be set :)
I know there are a billion other things I should be sharing with you that are rocking my face off... but I have places to go and people to see :)
More linkedy-links laterz.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Greenville wedding

Caitlin and Chase Macri... awesome. How neat.
They are married now and that is indeed what counts.
Here's a little taste of the wedding photos on my side of the table :) I can't wait to see what James has up his sleeve.

I will have more for you all soon. I need to get some things thrown in batches (which admittedly makes me a little nervy). It will be great.